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Early Bird Breakfast Club – Opens at 8am

Our version of before care where the kids make a delicious “kids breakfast” each day. Everyday is a surprise fun breakfast to make like pancakes, waffles etc. Menu in description below.

After Hours Hangout Club – Closes at 5pm

Kind of a free-for-all, kids can watch a cake contest show, bring some of their own activities or play games with the instructor. The goal is to unwind after a fun day of instruction.

Before and After Care Booking Guide

Select Before and After Care Duration: Choose the same duration as your child’s baking camp – 1-Day, 3-Day, or 5-Day. Pricing is per child.

Indicate Quantity for Multiple Children: If enrolling multiple children, select the appropriate quantity of the chosen camp duration.

Note: Review your choices before checkout. Contact us for any assistance on the webchat or call at 587-332-4234.

What Our Customers Say

"A fantastic experience with wonderful caring, fun and knowledgeable staff. Can't wait to come back for more!"

- Fantastic Experience!



What Our Customers Say

"Fantastic! Before and after care is brilliant! Baking products were beautiful and Yummy! We'll be back next year!"  

- Fantastic!

Breakfast Hangout Club

Kickstart your child’s day with our Breakfast Hangout Club, where they can dive into making their own nutritious breakfast and enjoy playful interactions with peers before camp begins. This engaging morning session not only teaches valuable meal-prep skills but also fosters friendships through fun games, all in a supportive and lively environment. It’s the perfect blend of learning, nutrition, and fun to energize your child for the day ahead.

Key Highlights:

Nutritious Meal Prep: Kids start their day learning to make their own healthy breakfast, picking up essential nutritional habits and cooking skills.
Interactive Games: Beyond breakfast, the club provides a variety of games and activities that promote teamwork and social skills.
Energizing Start: Designed to energize and engage, this club ensures children begin their camp day with enthusiasm and a full stomach.

After Hours Hangout Club

Wind down the day with our After Hours Hangout Club, a relaxed and enjoyable space for kids to play games, chat, and simply hang out with friends over a snack. This cozy afternoon session offers the perfect setting for children to decompress and share their day’s adventures, fostering a sense of community and belonging as they await pick-up. It’s an ideal blend of relaxation, companionship, and light refreshments to smoothly transition from the day’s excitement.

Key Highlights:

Relaxation and Fun: After a day of learning and baking, kids can unwind in a relaxed environment, playing games and engaging in light-hearted conversations.
Snack Time: A nutritious snack is provided to keep the children happy and energized while they wait to be picked up.
Community Building: This club offers a unique opportunity for children to foster friendships and share their day’s experiences in a supportive setting.

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