Turn Your Baking Passion Into a Profession

Achieve a Milestone That Fills You With Confidence

Become a proud graduate who earns more than just a certificate – it’s a badge of honor that shows to the world that you are a skilled professional.

Hundreds of Past Students Said These Are The Reasons

Why They Decided To Enroll…

Professional Guidance

“Having the guidance and skills training would give me the confidence to build a high paying cake business”.

It's Time To Follow My Dreams

“I’ve put off following my passions for years and a cake business can provide the fulfillment and income I need”.

Professional Level Skills

“I need to upgrad my baking and decorating skills to a professional level so I can charge more for my work and be proud of what I make”.

Low Risk Business

“I want to start a business that has low risk, low overhead and can pay me right away”.

Freedom To Raise My Own Children

“I can create a business I enjoy and be home spending those precious years with my children”.

I Need A Career Change

“I’m so tired of my job, something has to change, I can build a bakery business to replace my current income”.


What Past Students Are Saying About Their Experience

“I walked away with a strong foundation of decorating and business knowledge that I will be able to build upon for years to come. I also gained a cake-decorating mentor and a business consultant from Lesi and Scott. I could go on and on about the experience I’ve had at Lambert Academy and the lifelong friendships I’ve made, in only six weeks! You should really give this program a try. Education and investing in yourself are never a waste of time”


I completed the Certified Professional Cake Designer Program in 2019. It was such an awesome experience! As I wanted to open my own business, I took all the hobby courses and the master floral course. Excellent courses and well worth the money.
 I enjoy Lambert Academy so much that I took the entire Cake Designer Program again in 2021! I also took all the hobby classes again just as a refresher! I really loved the second part of the program which is the business aspect. It was very informative and got me on the right track.
I am opening my business in the next few weeks. I would never have been able to do so if it wasn’t for Lambert Academy! Thank you so much!

Cheryl Cote

“Lesi is an excellent mentor and instructor She supports and encourages you at every step. Learnt alot of techniques that I have read and seen about but was never confident to do it. I have done creations that is professional and received many compliments. I will always treasure those memories. Scott is helpful on the setting up of home business with information that is valuable. I am in the process of setting up my own home business. Thanks Lesi and Scott”

Geraldine Sng

I took the professional cake designer certification program and learned many new skills in cake decorating and how to get started my business and the things you need to run it well. Lesi and Scott are great mentors and know what they are doing. They push you to do your best and to get going on your business

Mariko Flores

One Year Free Support After Graduation

If you have any questions or need guidance, we are here to help. Whether you need help with a recipe, advice on a project that’s not going well, or ideas for branding and marketing, we are here to provide assistance and support. While we don’t claim to know everything, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

This Course Helps You Lauch Your

Cake Business…

Course Overview

Elevate your cake business with our in-depth Professional Cake Designer Certification Program. Designed to streamline your operations, this course empowers you with the tools to craft a distinctive brand, market your business effectively in your locale, and enhance your sales and productivity.

Enrollment Fee: $5997
– Financing options are available for qualified applicants.

– Dive into an intensive 6-week program, Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm, dedicated to transforming your cake business.

– Master business production planning.
– personalized one-on-one business review & planning session.
– Learn about outsourcing for technical and marketing tasks.

– Wedding consultations, including tastings, bookings, and contracts.
– Costing for wedding cakes and occasional cakes.
– Navigate city permits & licensing with ease.

Local Marketing
– Drive free local traffic, attract thousands of visitors per month.
– Kickstart your paid advertising efforts.
– Learn the art of branding yourself effectively.

Licenses & Permits
– We guide you through the process of obtaining city licensing and permits required to operate a legal and legitimate business from your home. For those considering a commercial space, our expertise extends to the commercial realm as well.

– Embark on a journey to success with our Professional Cake Designer Certification Program, designed to elevate your cake business to its peak potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the program?

We include everything you need to take the program. We include your uniform, all the tools, all the equipment, all the ingredients, right down to the cake boxes you take your work home with. You will not need to purchase anything else while you are here to complete the program.

What if I take all the hobby classes over time, won't that give me everything offered in the certification program?

Our hobby classes are second to none in the industry and by taking them you definetly will have a higher skill level than if you didn’t take the hobby classes. In fact many professional students come back to take hobby classes to learn specific skill they are interested in. Hoever, the hobby classes are designed for the weekend caker who wants to badk and decorate a nice cake for family and frineds. These classes don’t go into the depth that a professional requires to have the skills in both decorating and business. Think of it like going to the YMCA for swimming lessons and comparing that to the training and coaching an Olympic athlete goes through in order to compete. Both are swimming lessons but there is a huge difference in skill level.

What's the difference between the Lambert Academy Certification Program and S.A.I.T Bakery and Pastry Arts Diploma?

Lambert Academy offers specialized training in baking, pastries, cake design, and decoration, geared toward individuals aiming to start a home bakery or secure employment in a small bakery through our 6-week certification program. This sets us apart from polytechnic institutions like S.A.I.T., which provide a broader, 2-year Baking and Pastry Arts Diploma geared towards preparing students for careers in the hotel and restaurant industry. Our curriculum is crafted for intensive, hands-on learning, enabling quick and efficient mastery of baking and cake design skills.

Do you only teach how to start a home-based business? What if I want to start or buy a commercial bakery business?

We have had a number of students who have gone on to commercial bakery businesses. Some students enrolled after owning and operating their commercial bakeries for years to upgrade their skills. Part of the initial consultation we have with you on the orientation day is to fully understand what your needs are and support you in the best way possible. So we spend extra time over and above our curriculum to ensure you get the specific help you need.

Discover The Sweet Spot Betwen Baking Passion and Professional Success

Our program offers an immersive experience that elevates your baking skills to a professional level. Imagine mastering not just the art of cake design but also learning the nuances of running a successful bakery business. That’s the unique selling point of our program – it’s not just about baking; it’s about thriving in the baking industry.