Fundamentals Of Cake Design



Learn to make picture perfect cakes!

Class time: 9:30am – 2:30pm

Skill Level: If you are a beginner it’s OK

Prerequisite: None

What to bring:*Indoor shoes*

All tools, supplies, and materials will be provided.

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Learning The Fundamentals

This entry level class will create the foundation you need to become really good at knowing how to use fondant. No More Struggling With Half Baked Online Tutorials. We provide a fun, instructive environment that gives you simple techniques for creating fabulous looking cakes!

Class Outline

This Is A Hands On Class in which you will learn tried and true baking techniques, preparation of quick and easy fillings, the How To’s of a luscious buttercream that uses no Icing Sugar.  

You will also work your way through the process of torting, filling and icing a perfectly level cake ready for decorating.  We will then move on to making a great tasting fondant and properly covering a cake with it.  But wait, we aren’t stopping there.  We will follow up with not one but TWO ways to achieve sharp, crisp fondant edges.  Finish this off with simple décor and there you have it, the cake you’ve always dreamed of making.  

In addition to leaving with cake, you will have procured enough skill to create beautiful boutique style cakes that are delicious as well as eye pleasing. This course is perfect for beginners to cake decorating.

Prerequisite:  None

In this class you will learn

  • Recipe preparation
  • Easy and decadent fillings
  • Preparation of Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Leveling and torting Cakes
  • Masking, icing and filling
  • Buttercream – Smooth straight sides and crisp edging 
  • Acrylic Disc method for perfect icing coverage
  • Making and coloring great tasting Rolled Fondant
  • Covering a cake with fondant
  • Two special techniques for crisp, sharp fondant edges and perfectly smooth sides
  • Simple and elegant fondant décor
  • Each participant will take home their own fully Decorated Cake and a Fundamentals booklet containing the class recipes and references
  • A box will be provided to carry home your cake

What to bring:

*Indoor Shoes* Students will be working with food and to keep the environment clean we cannot allow outdoor shores and boots in the bakery studio classroom.

We Supply All Tools, Utensils, any equipment that is needed and we even supply aprons! 

Additional information

Class Dates

Saturday May 11, 2024, Saturday June 8, 2024, September 14, 2024, October 12, 2024, November 9, 2024, December 14, 2024