Hands-on Cake Baking Class – 2 Days


Weekend Baking Class:

“Learn to bake 3 types of cakes that look and taste like they were  made in a bakery!”

Type of Class: In person, hands on teaching

Certificate Course: Yes, official Lambert Academy certificate for “Baking Basics”

Class Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm each day

Duration: Saturday & Sunday

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: None (if you have never baked, it’s ok)

What to bring: A great attitude and the ability to have FUN!

ATTN: Please let us know if you have any allergies! We cannot guarantee a 100% nut free or gluten free environment. 

All tools, supplies, and materials will be provided to complete this cake project.

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What Are The Most Popular Cakes Of All Time?

Here’s a hint, it’s not wedding cakes or anniversary cakes or even birthday cakes…it’s desert cakes!

We will make: 

Velvety Buttercake with Fruit Coulis and Silkened buttery frosting

Chiffon Swiss Roll with Pastry Cream

Flourless Chocolate Mud Cake with Chocolate Glaze, Stabilized Cream Topping and Seasonal Fruits

In This Baking Class You Will Learn:

You take home 3 fully decorated cakes that you made from scratch, fully decorated and about 10 servings each.

  • 2 days of 100% hands on training
  • 3 different styles of cakes – sponge, butter based and flourless. 90% of cakes use the second technique.
  • How to decorate and make boutique style cakes
  • Fillings: fruit & cream
  • Icings & frostings
  • Toppings: puree fruit toppings
  • Learn torting, filling and drizzling

“When you learn the basics of how to make desert cakes, you also learn the foundation of baking. Once you know how to bake these 3 different styles of cake, you will be able to bake almost any cake with ease.”

You will learn the 3 methods of baking that you will use over and over

  • Each cake has a specific and exact mixing technique for perfect and consistent results every time!
  • Learn the major mistake new bakers make with chiffon cakes
  • How to tell the success of your baking just by looking at the batter
  • How to bake specifically for Alberta’s climate (barometric pressure, dry)
  • Learn production management (stay on track baking more than one cake at a time)
  • Everything you need to know about baking desert cakes
  • Interpretation and understanding of recipes
  • Testing and modification of techniques

“Lesi will share a 100-year-old family recipe that was passed down from her great grandmother.”


Please Note: Seasonal Variations in Cake Design

In our hands-on cake baking class, we prioritize using the freshest, seasonal ingredients to enhance your baking experience. As a result, please be aware that certain toppings, particularly our puree fruit toppings, are subject to seasonal availability. This may lead to variations in cake designs and decorations based on the ingredients available at the time of your class. We ensure that these changes will only add to the quality and learning experience of your baking journey. Thank you for your understanding and embracing the delightful unpredictability of seasonal baking!

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Class Dates

June 22-23, 2024, September 14-15, 2024, November 23-24, 2024