Sweetheart’s Delight


Design a one-of-a-kind chocolate masterpiece!

Class time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Skill Level: If you are a beginner it’s OK

Prerequisite: None

What to bring:*Indoor shoes*

All tools, supplies, and materials will be provided.

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Indulge in the romance of chocolate making with our “Sweetheart’s Delight,”

A captivating hands-on class where you will craft an exquisite heart-shaped edible chocolate box. This class is perfect for beginners and chocolate lovers alike, offering a delightful journey into the art of chocolate and candy creation.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box Crafting (Hands-On):

  • Learn to mold chocolate into a beautiful heart shape, perfect for holding sweet treats or as a standalone gift.
    Our step-by-step guidance ensures your chocolate heart box is both sturdy and stunning.

Chocolate Tempering Technique:

  • Master the essential skill of chocolate tempering, ensuring your heart-shaped box has a professional-quality sheen and snap.
    Watch a live demonstration and receive personalized tips to perfect your technique.

Customizable Decoration (Hands-On):

  • Personalize your chocolate box with various decorative techniques.
    Explore themes and styles perfect for romantic occasions, from elegant simplicity to ornate detailing.

Filling with Handcrafted Confections:

  • You’ll create a selection of delectable confections to fill your heart-shaped box.
    Learn easy yet impressive recipes, perfect for pairing with your chocolate creation.

Book Your Spot:
Spaces are limited for this exclusive chocolate crafting experience. Sign up now and get ready to create your heart-shaped chocolate wonder!

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Tuesday February 13, 2024