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Yes It's True!

You Can Build a Successful Cake Business From Your Home

 Even If You've Never Had Professional Training!

Go From "Cake Decorator" To "Professional Cake Designer" In 6 Short Weeks!

Get Everything You Need To Run A Cake Business With Our Extensive Hands On Training

The 6 week Professional Cake Designer Certification Program runs Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

That's 210 hours of intensive, hands on, up to your elbows in "cake stuff" every day!

"I Want To Wake Up Every Morning And Do Work That I Love And That Excites Me"

From Ophthalmology To Professional Cake Designer

I was in the corporate world, working to build a future. But it felt like that future wasn’t mine.

I was an employee. I made good money but I was not enjoying my life. I felt like my time belonged to someone else. I couldn't take a holiday unless it fit someone else’s schedule. I had no control as to when I worked, how many hours I worked, and with whom I worked. I knew I had to make a change.

YOU can change your future... Just like I did!

Lesi Lambert - Founder of Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft

Canadian Food Safety Certification (good nationwide)

Baking Primer (Technique and Theory)

Icings, frostings, fillings and ganaches

Baking for allergies and food sensitivity

Primary Design Application (technique and theory)

Royal Icing techniques for design

Korean buttercream flower cakes (with our Korean buttercream glossy flower expert)

Modelling chocolate technique and theory

Gumpaste modeling

Silicone molds, eyes and embellishments

Wedding Cakes – Design and Display

Edible Fabrics and Laces

Realistic Sugar Florals – Design and Display

Special Occasion Cakes and Incidentals

Advanced Stencil / Mold Production and Implementation

Sculpted Cakes (Intro to Structures and Armatures)

Baking for dietary restrictions

Vegan baking alternatives

Diabetic baking alternatives

Gluten free baking alternatives

Hundreds Of Past Students Said These Are The Reasons They Decided To Enroll...

How Many Of These Reasons Resonate with You?

  • Having the guidance, skills and training would give me the confidence to build my “cake hobby” into a high paying “cake business”.

  • Building a home-based business can replace my current income.

  • I can create a business I enjoy and be home spending those precious years with my children.

  • In my job I'm practically working for free when I add up my parking, daycare and gas costs.

  • I've put off my own dreams and following my passion for years and a cake business can provide the fulfillment and income I need

  • I'm so tired of the corporate grind, something has to change

  • I would like to start a business that has low risk, low overhead and can pay the bills right away.

  • I need to upgrade my cake decorating skills to a professional level so I can charge more for my work and know I'm putting out the best product possible.

  • I knew I needed cake design skills not culinary because I want a cake business not to work in a restaurant.

  • I just need a way to stay home and bridge the financial gap until my children are older.

  • I want to regain my confidence in myself so that I can comeback even stronger than before.

  • I give everything at the office and when I finally get home I have nothing left for my family.

"We Ensure You Get The Personal Guidance You Need!"

Apply Now!

Here're The Business Building Bonuses That We Walk You Through When You Enroll Today!

Bonus #1: Essential Operational Strategies

  • Wedding Consultations - tasting set up, bookings & Contracts

  • Costing for wedding cakes, occasional cakes, cookies and cupcakes

  • How to use outsourcing to do the techie and marketing work

  • Step-by-step how to navigate city permits & licensing

  • ($500 Value)

    Included in your enrollment

    Bonus #2: Winning Websites & Automations

  • Professional website builder

  • eCommerce website (compare to Shopify)

  • Live streaming video (compare to Streamyard)

  • Video hosting (compare to Vimeo Pro)

  • Booking & Scheduling (compare to Calendly)

  • Advanced email automation (compare to Active Campaign)

  • ($12,480 Value)

    Included in your enrollment

    Bonus #3: Local Marketing & Promotion

  • Free local traffic platform that gets 1000's of visitors per month